You Won’t Even Think These Beaches Actually Exist In Real Life!

Our idea of beaches is white sand, beach waves, smoothie or beer in hand, bright sun, and mesmerizing blue waters. Beaches can be surprising as they vary in shapes and colors that we never even expected. What usually makes these beaches special is the sand color. Sand is made out of anything that is bumping against the shore, like rocks, shells, glass, corals, etc. So we have listed 10 of the most one of a kind beaches that you would be dying to check out!

Starry Maldives Beach



This looks like an enchanting scene in a Disney movie, right?  But nope. it is actually a perfectly natural occurrence. These glimmering lights are caused by tiny organisms called bioluminescent phytoplankton. They are part of a red tide that explodes in a certain location then colors the water a dull orange-red. But at night, these organisms react to changes in water acidity by emitting light that is why in every wave break and paddle, shimmering imprints are seen.


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