Ten Spooky Flicks to Catch on Netflix This Season

September has only begun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the Halloween spirit early.

Netflix has become the greatest thing since pre-sliced bread (which has only been around since the 1920s). It’s a company that has been able to introduce fellow film lovers, television enthusiasts, and procrastinating  students a whole new world. It continuously has obscure, well-known, or downright strange options to choose from each genre.

Since Halloween is almost around the corner, the best place to start when wanting to have a spooky good time, is in the horror section. However, sometimes finding the best movie within that genre can be difficult. You may think you’re going in with a hard-hitting, jumpy film, but instead, you come across a horribly dubbed film that’s so bad it’s good.

To avoid all of that, here’s a list of what’s currently good on Netflix’s horror section.

1. Insidious Chapter 2



Picking up where the last left off, “Insidious Chapter 2,” is without a doubt, a scary film. The Lambert family, after being interviewed by police after an accident in the first film, continues to be haunted. This leads to having to uncover childhood secrets, and saving the family from the most dangerous thing out there – themselves. The jump scares throughout the film are almost as genius as those found in the first film. It will have you at the edge of your seat, but at the same time, hiding under the covers because you don’t want to know what’s around that corner.



2. The Taking of Deborah Logan



“The Taking of Deborah Logan,” takes us inside a story about a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She, and her daughter, are being filmed by a camera crew for a medical documentary. This film goes from a simple medical doc, to a scary insight of the disease, to digging up the truth on what really is causing Deborah Logan to seem possessed. This film has everything you’d expect from a found footage horror movie – great acting, an interesting storyline, and creepy thrills throughout.


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