Sir Mick Jagger Finally Gets His Clothes Back


Sir Mick Jagger’s daughters may love his ’70s fashions, but he’s decided they’ve borrowed them long enough. He recently took back the clothes he’d lent to his children for his current Rolling Stones exhibition.

The 73-year-old rocker’s two model daughters – Elizabeth, 32, and Georgia, 24 – had previously borrowed some of his 1970s fashion items when the style became popular again, and he has now revealed he reclaimed the goods as part of the vast selection of items on display for ‘Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones’.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the ‘Paint It Black’ hitmaker said: “I’m a throwing-out person. Years ago I put [my old clothes] in a warehouse, so a lot of the clothes in the exhibition are ones I actually kept.”

“My daughters had ‘borrowed’ them. They thought it was funny to wear my ’70s clothes. I got a couple of things back from them. I used it as a good excuse to say, ‘OK, time for you to give them back now. It has to be hung up in an exhibition.'”

The ‘Ruby Tuesday’ musician also noted that his slim daughters suited the clothes are they were able to fit into the “rail-thin trousers”.

He added: “Elizabeth and Georgia . . . can get in those rail-thin trousers.”

And the ‘Gimme Shelter’ singer – who has five other children, Karis, 46, Jade, 45, James, 31, Gabriel, 18, and Lucas, 17, from various relationships – says he thinks the exhibition, which is currently on display at Industria in New York City until March 12 2017, “could be better” on certain days.

He said: “I’ve got different feelings about it on different days. Yes, it’s all about the Stones and my life and the band, but it’s still a creative piece of work. So you put yourself in the mind of the person who’s going to visit this show and you go, ‘Well, I think that’s good, but this could be better, and let’s change this,’ so you’re not just wallowing in nostalgia.”


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