9 Things To Say When People Are Talking About Shows You’ve Never Watched

Stuck on a date? Having trouble clicking it in with your group of friends because you’ve never watched any of the shows they just talked about? Breaking bad what, what do you do..do you break the bad or is it some criminal getting caught shows?┬áThis could be your guide to spare that embarrassing moment when your friends go ‘OH MY GOD! WHAT?! How have you been living if you’ve never watched Gossip Girl?!’




What’s a smoke monster thing and what are they trying to set up? Well, it wouldn’t be fair if the entire show is explained to you in words with no visualization or heart wrenching sound effect would it? Plus, for someone who has never watched LOST you probably won’t get what smoke monster thing its about so just go with the flow and watch the show yourself.

But, yeps. This is probably your put on act in case you’re ever ASKED about LOST. Instead of going ‘Ooh, what’s that? Is it a jungle trekking show where the families are separated and they are trying their best to reunite?’ Or ‘LOST? A gambling show where one person loses everything and is working his heart and soul out to pay for his debt before his debtors come claim his life and sell his body off?’.

This is a LOST guide to not be LOST in a conversation. Stay found guys, stay found.


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