Rod Stewart Teaches Daughter an Important Lesson


Sir Rod Stewart’s been busy teaching his daughter the basics of the music biz, including the importance of looking after her voice.

The ‘Maggie May’ hitmaker – who underwent treatment for thyroid cancer in 2000 – is being joined on his current tour by The Sisterhood, aka Ruby Stewart and Alyssa Bonagura, and the duo are learning a lot from watching him in action.

Ruby said: “My dad is like an athlete and he definitely treats his voice like a muscle, which it is, he drinks tons of water and he does his warm ups and warm downs, which we’ve been doing now together in our dressing room.”

Alyssa added: “We’re learning a lot, the performance value is really important, to be awake and aware on stage and to give it your all, we’ve learned a lot from him in that context.”

“It’s been cool to get to know him and understand the whole production, there are so many people working on this show, everybody loves being there and it takes a lot to put on the show he does and it’s all his vision, it’s really cool to see it come to life, it’s inspiring.”

And Ruby – whose mother is model Kelly Emberg – thinks her “goofy” dad is exactly the same on stage as he is off it.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “He’s the same as he is onstage as he is offstage, he’s goofy and constantly cracking jokes and he has a very warm heart.”

Rod – who has seven other children from various relationships – has even been urging the duo to experiment with their style.

Alyssa said: “We brought all black and we’re against a black background and it was so funny because he was like ‘Don’t you guys have any other colours apart from black?’

“And we were like “We normally just wear black”, so we’re learning what to wear or not to wear.”

But Ruby insisted their fashion faux pas is more her 71-year-old dad’s fault than theirs.

She explained: “The stage is chequered so us wearing black was not a bad idea on the last tour we did with dad, but the thing is, he’s covered everything in black and now when we go on we just look like these two little floating heads.”

As well as supporting Rod on his current UK tour, The Sisterhood will also play the Lexington in London next Monday (11.28.16), Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on December 9 and Oran Mor in Glasgow on December 15. For more information visit www.thesisterhoodband.com.


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