Maya Rudolph: Being On Television Really Messes You Up


Maya Rudolph thinks being on TV “really f**ks you up”.

The 43-year-old comedian enjoyed a seven-year stint working on the American comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’, and has admitted she wasn’t fully prepared to deal with the stresses of fame.

She shared: “Nobody teaches you how to do this side of the job, the non-creative side. So I kind of mask it with humour.

“It used to make me unhappy. I don’t feel at all, like, photogenic. And then being on TV really f**ks you up. You’re like, ‘Wait, that’s what I look like? Uh-oh!'”

Maya comes from a mixed race family, and she says it has led her career to take some unusual paths.


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The actress – who has also appeared in ‘Grown Ups’ and ‘Bridesmaids’ – told the Guardian newspaper: “When I was cast on ‘Saturday Night Live’ [in 2000], people gave me black characters to play. And they gave me white characters, too.

“Because I never thought about myself one way or another, I think it helped my performances. I never think of the characters I play based on race. Ever. It doesn’t come into my head.”



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