Joe Simpson Fights Prostate Cancer


Joe Simpson, the 58-year-old photographer and father of singers Jessica and Ashlee Simpson – was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of months ago.  He’s currently recovering after an operation, which is reported to have went well.

A source told People magazine: “He’s feeling great now and is optimistic. He’s felt so much love and support from his family and friends.”

And Joe is looking forward to travelling to Japan in the near future to do a photoshoot for Nation-Alist magazine in his new job as a photographer.

Meanwhile, Joe previously gushed about how his daughters – who he has with his ex-wife Tina Ann Drew – are experts in front of and behind a camera.

He shared at the time: “Ashlee and Jessica are so professional. They’re so good and they know how to work a camera. They know their stuff. Their joy makes me happy. As a father, it’s not what your children do. It’s who your children are and are they happy? That’s the question you’ll always ask.”

And Joe is very smitten with his youngest granddaughter Jagger Snow, who Ashlee has with her husband Evan Ross.

Speaking soon after her birth, he said: “Jagger is precious. She’s quiet and sweet and she’s such a happy baby. She’s barely two weeks old. The apple of her papa’s eye. She’s beautiful. She looks like her mommy and daddy.”

“I got to take a picture of my little granddaughter the day she was born! In the room with the baby, it was great to watch them have that moment. And, you know, grandparents, we were standing back. What a beautiful thing to watch.”

“Yeah, it was beautiful. [Diana Ross, Evan’s mother] is a wonderful person and, again, to see the love that she has for her children and now her grandchildren? It’s a wonderful thing to see how Evan became so loving, because you’ve got to have a mom like that to make you that kind of person.”


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