27 Photos That Prove We Are In Serious Danger

If you’re not worried about the state of the earth, you should be – right now!  Sure, you think you know about global warming, pollution, and stripping the earth of tits resources. But things are so much worse than that. Here are 27 pictures that will shock you into seeing the serious danger that our very existence is in.


1. This wave in Indonesia shows the extent of debris and trash in our oceans. The numbers are truly breathtaking: there are 5.25 trillion (with a “T”!) pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. 269,000 tons of garbage float on the surface and end up in waves like you see above.

The mass of trash known as the eastern Pacific garbage patch that stretches between the coast of California and Hawaii is estimated to be the size of the state of Texas. Need any more evidence that we need to stop producing so much plastic that does not degrade over time?

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  • As a single person I realize the affect I have on the environment, but with that affect I also realize that to heal the world is also for me to let go of my struggle, to let go of my life if need be, and I also know that the earth will heal itself. With this realization comes the fact that if the earth need to change, to heal, to protect her creatures that we have so blatantly destroy…then my life is but a hiccup in time.
    There are those who point fingers and blame the multitude, the 7 billion or souls upon this planet but in looking at the bigger picture, it is those who created their multilevel corporation structure that has destroyed more than they created. Those in their blindness to have more, more money, more power, more control are the pinhead for all the destruction we witness around us.
    If those in power would cease to be greedy, if they shared and built instead of grinding the earth and all its creatures…man included…then there would be a change. Now I put my truth in the Earth, in It’s ability to heal and change more than I put my faith in man, I would allow myself to be rolled over if that change was to help not hinder.
    Though I work for my own well being and live within the structure created by those in so called “power”, I will not give up my responsibility for a better earth where all can have a place of balance and joy…not one of greed and power.
    Only time will be the counter for change and the result may not be to the powerful’s demands..which would included killing over 90% of human life on this planet..so if one knows there are those who would kill them…one needs to know what to do to stop them. Not simple, never was but the writing is on the wall, it is time for change and it is “In Your Hands” to do so.

    • Couldn’t have said it better, thanks for taking the time to present an indepth and meaningful comment, and observation.

    • Nature has wipe out almost all life on this planet 60 million years ago and almost all humans 100 years ago. Nature is truly the dangerous one. The only way to protect ourselves is science.

      • I am sorry to say Mr. Guy but your views are absurd. Nature is not dangerous, it is beautiful, without it there is no life and no mankind on earth. Secondly, science is actually destroying this Nature and hence the existence of mankind itself.

        • You are wrong. Science is improving lifestyles. It’s the country, government, fault for taking the dollar. Money rules the world not nature.

          • OMG HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH A THING U IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A few thousand years ago gold didn’t have any vale and WE WERE FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • well said Dennis. not everyone pays attention to such posts which is a problem and the bigger problem is not everyone are aware that we are slowly killing our own survival. The nature is already on course of destroying rising species to keep the balance and the reason why so many deaths are occurring. To add to that we are also killing a whole race and range of species because of our greed. The rising population is now beyond the Earth’s self healing range and hence human race needs to extinct now to give Earth the desperate time to recover.

  • That isn’t air traffic pollution its geoengineering or Chemtrails which is probably 10,000,000 times worse than condensation droplets from a plane engine

    • I thought the same thing, those slowly lingering trails are a dead give away that few are paying attention to. Digging deep, I found an article years ago about a scientist who collected samples from these trails along the North American/Canada border, who found that they were full of our worst nightmares, ie: deadly strains of ecoli….

  • Oh Dios! Yo vivo en la Ciudad de México y pensé que al no ser un país de primer mundo no haría su aparición en esta lista, y que no tendría ninguna participación pero vaya sorpresa ver también la forma en cómo crece la ciudad es dramática y se dirige hacia un desastre ecológico. Qué pena!

  • “Mike
    April 17, 2016 at 10:43 am

    That isn’t air traffic pollution its geoengineering or Chemtrails which is probably 10,000,000 times worse than condensation droplets from a plane engine”

    Were your parents brother and sister? Pfft, ‘Chemtrails’. Because every plane engine is totally rigged to release govt approved secret chemicals into the air, from your lowly private prop plane to your turbine engine equipped Boeings and fighter jets.

    Let me guess, wind turbines will slow down the wind? Solar panels will suck up all of the sun’s energy and we’ll be left in perpetual darkness? Get real buddy. Come back once you’ve done some research from CREDIBLE sources, not your cousin JimBob from down the road.

    • “LolChemTrailsMyLeftFoot
      April 18, 2016 at 10:49 pm

      Were your parents brother and sister? Pfft, ‘Chemtrails’. Because every plane engine is totally rigged to release govt approved secret chemicals into the air, from your lowly private prop plane to your turbine engine equipped Boeings and fighter jets.”

      I guess you don’t look up very often. I’m not going to speculate what exactly is left behind in the air, which people claim to be ‘chemtrails,’ but if it was merely exhaust, then why wouldn’t it dissipate like normal airplane / jet exhaust? How do I know this? By looking up. I have never seen a passenger plane leaving a trail. I have seen jets leaving their exhaust; it disappears in minutes.
      The stuff we’re talking about? Lasts all day in the sky. Care to explain what makes these ‘exhausts’ so different?

      • Okay, let’s make this easy for you simpletons. ALL, and I mean ALL jet engines have the ability to create vapor trails. And that is exactly what that is you see behind a jet. Whether it’s a combat jet, a cargo net or a passenger jet, they all have the ability to create vapor trails. And a vapor trail is made up of what? WATER VAPOR. A jet engine today creates very little exhaust. What you see is a mixture of the hot air and turbulence leaving the aft end of the engine that condenses the water particles already present in the atmosphere. It makes a long thin CLOUD behind the jet. It depends on the amount of humidity that the aircraft is flying at as to how dense these vapor trails will be and how long they will last. Why don’t they dissipate? Have you ever seen a cloud just dissipate? If these trails you see were chemicals, why wouldn’t they dissipate also? Doesn’t do much good to create a trail of evil chemicals that just hang around in the air. You people and this chemtrails crap need to get bigger tinfoil hats. Yours are on too tight. The only chemicals that might be present in a vapor trail are whatever might have come from the engine itself. If the government wanted to spew harmful chemicals on purpose, wouldn’t it be smarter to put it in automobile exhaust? Down here on the ground where we actually breathe that crap? Instead of at 35,000 feet where it could drift for hundreds or thousands of miles and end up who knows where? Not a very accurate delivery system if you ask me. By the way, this is coming from an aircraft tech who has worked on military & commercial jets. Trust me, there are NO chemical SPRAYERS OR TANKS on a jet engine!

        • A mechanic who says trust me….
          Its weather manipulation genius, you have to get up into the atmosphere to change the weather, not at ground level. Climate change is one of the hotest topics around. Obama even blames climate change for rise of ISIS! We all trust Obama and he would never have barium and aluminum sprayed in the air to try and CONTROL the weather now would he. He’s a freedom fighter. Google HARP geo weather modification. I don’t need to convince you of anything, all you need to do is freakin’ READ!

  • These photos are typical out of context crap worthy of Gore sycophants… That polar bear may have died from disease… Power plant stacks emit primarily steam in developed countries… Aircraft contrails are primarily water vapor… And glacial waterfalls are normal!!! Except for those who are kool aid drinking Gorebots…. Too bad there has been no increase in mean global temperature for over 20 years… If the “science” is settled, why is there so much controversy??!!!

  • Where have all the little birds gone. The sparow hawks and kestrels have eaten the lot We had lots years ago now none . It all thanks to the do goodies.

  • In the photo, it’s not a smoke but just a steam from cooling towers.
    It makes clouds and nothing more, nor pollution.
    Improve your skills, one little public disturber.

  • Who cares if these Idiot’s are destroying this earth I will be DEAD in a few decades anyways so it won’t be my problem. Way to go all you greedy immigrant’s, it’s not yours you don’t care if is destroyed. You are only destroying the place you live, Big deal…….IDIOTS.

  • There are 80 000 000 more people on the face of the planet every year! Walking to the mall and recycling your plastic bottles and every other suggestion you made is IRRELEVANT because there will be 228 000 more people on the planet tomorrow to take your place! There is one problem and one problem only that we need to address…human breeding.

  • I thank some of you with such wonderful and constructive as well as knowledgeable ideas but still, Please guys lets use a covered language as this is public communication channel, do not be angry to that extent of even abusing our fellow individuals’ comments with vulgar statements. I only appeal to you all to come together as a whole to save our habitat before it is too late to survive. You and me and our children it is high time accept the fact that the world is in more danger than it has ever been, civilized behaving is all what is needed with taking humanity studies.

  • The picture of chemtrails….is certainly NO indication of the air traffic to, and from, London.
    Maybe every hour, out of Gatwick.

  • Pollutants in any form is dangerous to our human kind if not to yourself, to your generations down the line.
    stop all these shits if you are an educated person and save the place, air, soil, water atleast for your future generations.
    this is the basics.

  • Just a note that many of these appear to be digitally enhanced photos. Not questioning that we have pollution issues, but some may photos not be fully realistic.

    Our biggest environmental issue: Simply too many people on the planet. Fully agree with Darren.

    The only species that needs population control is ours.

    The result is an increase in complex disease (asthma, allergies, cancer, antibiotic-resistant superbugs) and weather-related disasters impacting food and shelter.

    Even if everyone in modern society went back to pre-industrial ways of living (family farms and a hunting/gathering culture), at 7.4 billion we’d continue to cause great damage.

    There’s no way out other than population REDUCTION. Which would mean our modern economy–which relies on forever-increasing consumer growth and demand–would tank, causing worldwide suffering.

    Which means there really is NO WAY OUT. Future generations will pay the price of our present-day ease.

    I don’t have children for these reasons.

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