20 Celebrities That Were Kicked Out Of High School

When we were little, our parents always used to tell us to be good, stay in school, and get good grades or else we’d end up homeless or working at McDonald’s for the rest of our lives. Even though they truly meant well and just wanted us to live good lives, we have to admit that they may have been just a bit overdramatic. School just isn’t for everyone, and not finishing won’t ruin your future forever. The celebrities listed below are only a few of the people who are living proof that you can have a terrible education and still make it up on top. Now, we don’t recommend dropping out or doing anything to get yourself expelled if you’re still in school, but we do however, recommend you to keep reading our list so you know that if anything ever goes wrong, it’s never too late to fix it!

1. Charlie Sheen

FILE - In this April 11, 2013 file photo, Charlie Sheen, a cast member in "Scary Movie V," poses at the Los Angeles premiere of the film at the Cinerama Dome in Los Angeles. Sheen was sued in Los Angeles Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, by a dental technician who claims the actor punched her in the chest and was abusive during an office visit in late September. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, file)

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, file)

Sheen attended Santa Monica High School in Santa Monica, California, where he was a star pitcher and shortstop for the baseball team, but was expelled for poor grades and attendance.


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