15 Couple Costumes You Must Try For Halloween 2015

It’s that time of the year again for costume parties, unlimited candy, and horror movie marathons! It’s also probably one of the only times of the year that you can wear anything you want without being harshly criticized. Alright so you and your partner, best friend, sibling, random stranger? want to dress up for Halloween together, but what do you wear?? So many options, so little time to get the right materials to make them and of course, you want to be memorable! You want people to actually know who you are and not have to stop and explain every other second. The best route is to do something from pop culture, so we’ve rounded up some easy makeable (or purchasable, if you’ve got the cash) costumes for you to rock this Halloween!

1. Star-Lord & Gamora


From: Guardians Of The Galaxy

For Gamora: The most important thing for this costume is the green paint. Besides that, a body-hugging leather outfit (preferably futuristic looking) and a utility belt for your weapons is all you really need!

For Star-Lord: A leather jacket or vest, some facial scruff, an old-school walkman with some headphones, and there you go!


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