15 Amazing Lip Art to be Inspired from

Before we begin to marvel at the GREAT LIPS let’s give credits to Lauren Jenkinson from London! *cues applause* She took it a notch up and stood out from the usual boring routines of mascara, smoky eyes, contour on the cheek and the you know, the usual makeup palette stuffs by transforming her lips into a painting cartoon canvas ranging from characters of Simpsons all the way to Courage the Cowardly Dogs. If she doesn’t becomes an Instagram hit I don’t know who will.

It was really eye opening to see these artwork on YOUR LIPS! The creatives has truly transformed from the traditional paper canvas and paint and expanded their visual superpowers as they can NOW LITERALLY draw on ANYTHING, ANYWHERE, ANYHOW!

What are you waiting for girls and boys? Start young and start anywhere! Don’t put that crayon down cause you never know how far it’ll lead you in the future. Let your imagination live for as long as you are breathing and MAYBE EVEN AFTER.

1. Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle with Wiggum

southpark lip


Feeling a little cutesy today and feel like making your falling hair feel cute as well? Bet a wiggum lip art could help! I mean who doesn’t love goggly eyes and cute strands of hair flowing about?

But of course, if you are actually having hair fall problems you need to take it seriously because it could be a health issue that you have yet to discover!


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