10 Things Everyone Who Grew Up With Pushy Parents Will Understand

1. There was no such thing as getting a B



Parent: What? You got a B? Where did I go wrong. Oh god, please tell me how can I help this god forsaken child. Tell me child that you are not retarded. Did you do drugs or are you baked because you got a B? *and millions more*
Child: Calm your soul yo. I just didn’t do well in this subject and no, I am not being harassed neither am I on substances.
Parent: I have failed. I have failed so bad. You know what? McDonald’s is hiring so why don’t you pick your ass up and go there with your B grade.
Child: Seriously mum, I’m only 13.

The stereotypical Asian parents would have tore the school apart the moment they laid eyes on their child’s disgraceful B. But, let’s face the fact that its not only among Asian parents do kids, like us, have to constantly live in fear and just pray to whatever hopeful sunshine that we will never enter the mount of doom – which in most case, less than an A-. It happens in every continent and it is real. Starting to wonder if the world should place less importance on grades but on actual talents or skills children have.. hmm



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