10 Really Rich Celebrities and their Poorer Siblings

Its not always glam and fab in the entire bunch because one sibling or two will tend to outshine the rest, and sometimes its because they work hard and they are determined. A lot expect to be taken care of and some even live off their richer celebrity siblings’ wealth. Not to say that its not a sibling thing to be helping each other out but people need to know the lines and where the limits are. You can’t expect to always be helped if you don’t plan to make some changes in helping yourself getting a better life, independently. Do you really want Kim K to throw you the infamous – ‘I’ve gotten you a career! Not going to buy you xxxxxxx speech?’

You might feel sad for some siblings but some, you really want to make them taste the world.

1. Mariah and Alison Carey

mariah carey rich

alison carey poor

Mariah Carey
Net worth: $500 millionĀ 

Who in this century have not had a ‘Touch My Body’ sing-a-long session in the shower? And because of all that addictive-ness injected into us by Mariah Carey she definitely deserved all the platinum awards and the recognition of best selling artist of all time. Proud one, very proud. However, with such a successful career like Mariah Mariah its almost impossible for her to not be entwined in some sort of bad news.

Everyone wonders how did Carey, an award winning songstress allow her sister Alison Carey to live a life less than normal or even decent enough. Many might not know this but Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison, is actually a former prostitute battling HIV and she has been struggling to live past each day due to insufficient amount of money. Really? Of all things, you’d thought maybe she is experiencing some sort of emotional drama or stuffs more serious than not having enough money. After all, if you have Mariah as your sister can’t you just ask for a little help?

It happened that the two actually had an argument and fell out during 1994…reason? Mariah was not the slightest happy to know that her Alison just can’t kick drugs out of her system and decides to continuously fall deeper into the hellhole of crack house. Sounds bad huh? Well, time to time we need to put matters into a little bit more negative sounding so they’d understand to not fall into that position. C’mon, you’re an adult. Spare your friends and family some peace. Mariah was reported to have constantly seek out help for her sister at rehab facilities but the OH SO DRUG LOVED Alison, refused all that help being shoved at her. Mariah would usually send Alison some financial aid but all Alison does is to buy more and MORE drugs.

The ending? Mariah decided to cut Alison off and now Alison is begging to get back in touch but her request to get back into each other’s life has been refused by Mariah. After all, Mariah is not going to risk her family’s happiness and put her children under any non-favorable situation (dangerous ones, especially). Well, at least Alison got to use this chance to appear on interview shows and talk about their fall out to generate income and begging the pop star to take her back in.

IMO: If I had a sister like that, I’d seriously tell her off and let her know that I’ve tried my best to rescue her and if you just can’t stop to see what trouble you’re getting yourself into you’re going to get me really tired. And when I’m tired of it, sorry but I’m out. I’m not going to let myself revolve around anymore negativity and I’m going to make that a permanent change. There’s only so much a person can take, even its a family member. So, Alison. Try to understand Mariah’s stance once in awhile.

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