10 Cheapest Countries To Explore For Backpackers

Many people suffer from wanderlust or a strong desire to travel. Just getting on a plane is already so exciting but what makes it more meaningful and fun is the new places you will see and discover, the culture in a foreign country and the friends you meet along the way. This is why a lot of people backpack the world. Traveling with a backpack is, perhaps, the most fun, easy and authentic way to travel. Tight budget might be the only problem. But worry no more because we have listed the top ten cheapest countries for backpackers to go to and start packing!




Although it is not popular among travelers, it is amazingly beautiful and very cheap in Nicaragua. This country’s history is very much alive as they have well maintained colonial towns that were built in the 70’s.¬†Nicaragua is a great place for wild nature lovers as it has very¬†wonderful beaches, jungles and Caribbean hideout. Also, you don’t have to spend so much while exploring this country.


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